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Design a loan that works for you, providing the convenience and flexibility you need to get things done.

Lines of Creditbusiness-credit

Get cash when you need it for payroll, working capital requirements, covering your accounts receivable or purchasing inventory. Flexible draw and repayment terms provide an efficient way to pay for business improvements.

Accounts Receivable Line Of Credit

  • A line of credit supported by accounts receivable
  • Cash advances are based on a percentage of your eligible receivables as shown on the aging schedule
  • Repayment is flexible to correspond with the collection of receivables

Prime Plus Business Access Creditline

This revolving creditline for businesses is accessed by special checks. It also provides overdraft protection by linking to your operating checking account, offering convenient access to cash to help meet business needs – for working capital, trade discounts, financing receivables or managing short-term cash requirements.

  • Maximum credit limit: $250,000. The credit reserve is replenished as funds are repaid
  • Initial start-up fee and an annual renewal fee are based on the creditline requested
  • Your monthly statement will show the activity in your creditline, including the amount of accrued interest and minimum payment due
  • Minimum monthly payment: 2% of the outstanding balance plus interest or $100 including interest, whichever is greater
  • NO prepayment penalty

Prime Plus Business Equity Creditline

This term loan or line of credit is based on a second mortgage on a commercial property and improvements and can be used for working capital.