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Home Equity Loans & Lineshome-equity

Every homeowner needs some extra cash from time to time. Home equity lines of credit provide ongoing borrowing power, with convenient checks for easy access. Home equity loans offer a lump-sum payout for major expenses such as home improvements and expansions.

Prime Plus Home Equity Creditline

  • A revolving line of credit secured by the equity in the borrower's residence or investment property
  • Converts the home's equity into available cash
  • Creditline is accessed with special checks
  • Unrestricted use
  • Repayment replenishes credit reserve
  • Up to $250,000 credit reserve

Prime Plus Investment Equity Creditline

  • A revolving line of credit secured by an income producing investment property
  • Credit reserve is replenished as funds are repaid

Home Equity Loans

  • A term loan based on the equity of a residence or investment property
  • Unrestricted use

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